Adrian Fynch (bittirsweet) wrote in sterilizations,
Adrian Fynch

new, hi hi

Hey guys, why the hell didn't anyone tell me about these communities before??

Anyway, the basic info is: I turned 20 in April and had an abortion shortly after that. I am now beginning the process of trying to find a doctor who will perform a tubal ligation on me. I've had my mind made up about this pretty much my whole life, which may sound funny, but there it is. Every time I ask someone about it, they tell me to wait until I'm older, get an IUD instead, or that I shouldn't because I'd "make a great mom".

I won't bore you with my reasons and all that. Just wanted to say hi and express how excited and happy I am that there are communities for people like this. But then again, this is lj and there's a community for everything and more :P
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